Thursday 26 May 2016
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Nirmand: A remote village hidden from the world

Nirmand is a name familiar to Shrikhand trekkers. And this is not the only reason this village is famous for. Nirmand is believed to be the...

Himachal Culture

3 reasons why Himachal Pradesh should be on every traveler’s bucket list

Himachal has amazing beauty to offer. The hilly state starts looking and getting better as soon as you venture deep in Himalayas and get...


Bollywood and its growing love for Shimla hills

There was a time when Kashmir dominated the TV screen in early 1970s and 1980s. During this era, Bollywood movies and songs were all about...

Tabo Monestry

Four beautiful monasteries to explore in Himachal Pradesh

If you can hear faded sounds of bells, Buddhist oratorio, sounds of Om Mani Padme Hum coming from a distant place perched on a hilltop in...

Malana village

Malana: The land of resolute heritage and dark secrets

Little Greece – this is how most of the people know Malana – a small village hidden deep in the Himalayas. Culture, beautiful...


Tourism beyond Rohtang Pass

We start feeling chills of snowy mountains as soon as we think of high passes. One such famous mountain pass that has created a special...


Visiting the Chanshal: Highest peak in Shimla district

Chanshal is one of the mightiest peaks in the inner Himalayas, which rises many thousand feet above the Pabbar Valley in Shimla district of...


Journey to Barot: A mysteriously remote village in Himachal Pradesh

While popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, like Manali, Shimla, Dharamsala, etc. are too much crowded and urbanized, Barot...

Shikari Devi temple

Shikari Devi temple: Abode of the hunter goddess

Shikari Devi temple is another great place of religious importance to people in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi is also known as...


Pragpur: The first heritage village of India

The old-fashioned yet appealing village located in Himachal Pradesh’s scenic valley of Kangra, Paragpur is the first heritage village of...