Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Crusade against corruption finds little support in Himachal Pradesh

Gandhian Anna Hazare’s infinite fast at Jantar Mantar has fetched him a lot of backup from different groups. Be it a common man, politicians or actors a lot of people have raised their voice in support for his fight against corruption.

Shanta Kumar, National Vice President of the BJP and former Chief Minister has come out in the open and is supporting Hazare’s efforts. He feels that the Lokpal bill will prove to be an apt method for checking the escalating corruption beaming among politicians. The 72 year old activist is demanding to draft a fresh Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen’s ombudsman Bill) which will offer more power to ombudsman to keep a close check on corruption. He has vowed to cut corruption from its roots and is agitated that the government has been delaying it from quite some time now.

“The BJP supports the movement of Anna Hazare and demands that the government should take steps for implementing the Bill that can help check rampant corruption among those in power in the country,” Shanta said.

He said, “Another legislation, Benami Transactions Prohibition Act, 1988, has been awaiting approval of Parliament for the past 22 years. Most of the black money in the country is going into benami land deals. The government should implement the Act to check the flow of black money into benami land transactions.”

Sonia Gandhi has requested Anna Hazare to end his fast-unto-death. Actors like Hrithik Roshan, Om Puri, Shabana Azmi, Vishal Bhardawaj to name a few have promised to support him endlessly. Youngsters have come out in the open to support this movement and this has extended till the social networking sites. The young generation is keen on fighting against corruption and is very charged about it.

A lot of sitting MLA’s from Congress and ruling party were contacted but none bothered to revert.

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3 thoughts on “Crusade against corruption finds little support in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Manoj swami

    We have suffered enough due to corruption. We are deeply hurt and disappointed with any lack of a real and meaningful solution from govt government.

    We want change, and we want accountability and we cannot wait any longer to have this! We will not vote for you if an effective anti-corruption bill is not enacted. Not the farce Lokpal Bill proposed by your government, but the peoples “Jan Lokpal Bill”. We want strict and effective punishment for the corrupt. They MUST go to jail!

  2. Ankur

    At present India need such kind of law….
    most of the peoples are crupted due to our weak laws…

  3. KAPIL

    Corruption starts from the end of Politicians. They may say to overcome the evil but can not stop. If they wish to stop participating in corruption they must stop doing inauguration or lying foundation stones. Budgets have minor provision for this but when a minister or CM comes for these events thousands are spent by the contractor on the request of concerned department. The money is to be recovered and concerned department officers are under obligation. Not only this there are numerous such cases where politician know the facts and help for corruption. Our many bureaucrats mislead in many cases and enjoy direct bribe and such thing happened in the district of chief minister of Himachal even but he or his men either failed to look into the fact or intensely overlooked.

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