Saturday 20 October 2018
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Youth loots 50,000 from Saini gas agency

It is reported that a youth fled after looting Rs 50,000 from the counter of Saini Gas Agency at Raura sector last night. Reports said the manager and some employees of the agency had just finished counting the currency notes received after distributing gas cylinders in the town during the day and were almost going to close day’s work when a youth approached them and asked for the location of a house in that sector.

Before he could be given a reply, the youth suddenly dashed into the shop and pounced on the bundles of currency notes lying on the counter and tried to flee. One of the employees immediately obstructed his way. While two bundles fell from his hands, he succeeded in carrying away one of the bundles and vanished in the dark outside. The employees ran after him, but failed to catch him. The police has registered a case under Section 379, IPC.


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