Tuesday 16 October 2018
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Virbhadra Singh Govt announces to frame policy for regularization of PTA Teachers

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, after assuming the office presided over the first Cabinet meeting and gave ray of hope to the thousands of PTA Teachers in the State. In a first cabinet meeting led by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh decided to frame policy for regularization of PTA Teachers in the State.

All these PTA teachers were appointed in his previous government and were at receiving end during the last five years. About ten thousands PTA teachers from about 15000, appointed during 2003-2007 tenure, have either left or replaced by the regular staff in last five years. Right now qualified, few are even holding Doctorate degree, PTA teacher are getting even less then the peon in the school for their services.

PTA teachers have hailed the decision and many goes beyond and stated that Virbhadra Singh is rightly known for finishing his work perfectly. They are hoping the policy in coming six months so that their hard work and dedication towards work rewarded appropriately.

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