Saturday 23 February 2019
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Govt to revert to old pattern for MC election

Congress led Himachal Pradesh government is all set to bring back the old system of indirect election for Mayor and Deputy Mayor posts in urban local bodies (MC) of state. For this Govt is bringing a bill in the coming budget session.

Earlier, previous Govt had started direct election for the mayor, deputy mayor for Shimla Municipal Corporation and had notified in November 2010. After that CPM candidate Sanjay Chauhan and Tikender Panwar won the both post with considerable margin, even though CPM could only secure three councilors in 24 members MC house. However BJP won 12 and Congress candidates secured 10 seats.

Though CPM won the both coveted post, but being in minority in the house, Congress and BJP councillors have been turning down their proposals by virtue of in majority and it posing problems in running day-to-day affairs.

This decision even didn’t go well with the elected representatives as well and they objected it and complaint for undermining their democratic right. After change of the government, elected representatives of many local bodies in the state have submitted representations requesting to revert to the old pattern of indirect election.

Confirming the development, Minister for urban development, town and country planning Sudhir Sharma said that government would amend the act and would bring the bill in the budget session. He also said that new municipal corporations Solan, Mandi, Palampur and Dharamshala, would also be formed.

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One thought on “Govt to revert to old pattern for MC election

  1. Sanjay Chauhan

    It’s is not correct that decisions are not taken in M.C. Shimla general meetings due to Mayor and Deputy Mayor from CPIM and councillors from B.J.P. , Congress and CPIM. Because all the decisions taken in the meetings are taken after thorough discussion and consensus. In all the meetings all the decisions are taken unanimously and not even single resolution was put to voting. Though it is issue of unit area method of property tax, privatisation of water and sewarage and other issues decided by the previous M.C. house are put on hold and developmental issues are taken up through consensus. At present single party rule is a distant dream because ruling class parties congress and B.J.P. are losing their credibility day by day,because of their anti people policies. There parties are not able to digest mandate given by wise voters of Shimla in M.C. Shimla elections and democratic functioning of M.C. Shimla in last 7 months. People are getting alternative policies through democratic functioning, which these ruling class parties are not able to digest and taking such decisions to kill democracy and least participation of people to elect their representatives.

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