Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Yogpeeth and Local residents oppose Govt decision to cancel land lease

The Patanjali Yogpeeth and local residents have criticised the move of the state government to cancel the land lease of Swami Ramdev’s yogpeeth coming up at Kahlog village near Sadhupul.

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of state yogpeeth in charge Lakshmi Chand and was attended by residents of villages under the Tundal, Banjni and Sakori panchayats and office-bearers of the yogpeeth.

They said the move would affect the agrarian community which was due to receive training in trading and cultivation of herbs. They said it would have helped the local economy and farmers in particular who would find a ready market for produce.

Despite Govt decision of revoking land lease, office-bearers of the yogpeeth decided to make preparations for the inauguration of the centre on February 27. They said the government should amend the lease agreement if there were flaws in it. Baba Ramdev was scheduled to arrive on February 26 and inaugurate it the next day. A meeting of yogpeeth office-bearers would be held with him on February 27.


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2 thoughts on “Yogpeeth and Local residents oppose Govt decision to cancel land lease

  1. RKLagwal

    no one will invest in Himachal if such politics will continue. Every govt should work for people. The current days news shows that last 5 years of work will be examined by current Govt. then only new works and development will be started. and five years of development will also get completed. again other govt. will come.

    People of Himachal should vote according to overall state Development. Not just liking party……

  2. Rahul

    You are right RKLagwal ji,,, at least this Yogpeeth was good for the perople of Sadhupul and its near panchayats…. Politics shud be above the patty affiliations

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